Zoe Brumfield, Lady Piper - Serving All of Mississippi and Areas Nearby


          Whether at graveside or at a church service, I can provide a most moving and memorable farewell to your loved one.  I will arrive at the cemetery well in advance of the Funeral party, then will play a requested tune or a slow Scottish Air as the casket is removed from the hearse, as it is carried to the canopy. My most requested tune to play at the end of the service is Amazing Grace, and I will walk away during the last verse, creating an effective fading sound.

       Please check out my Funeral YouTube video:   https://youtu.be/7bCHhC1pz24

        "Going Home," another requested tune:  https://youtu.be/7iwDyfihF3w

                     "Bells of Dunblane," another requested tune: https://youtu.be/VET9XcaepL0           

https://youtu.be/mZbZk85MLW4  "Highland Cathedral," popular tune

          For centuries, bagpipes have been played for weddings not only in Scotland and Ireland, but many European countries as well. Now, the bagpipes are becoming more and more recognized in the United States. Elegant and stately for church processionals, recessionals, or simply for the celebration of the occasion, the instrument heralds the marriage with music that speaks to heritage and tradition as few other instruments can. I will provide ceremonial music for the Bride and Groom, including pre-ceremony, ceremonial, and post-ceremony, as requested. This includes sacred music, traditional, or Scottish music fit for this occasion. I can also attend the rehearsal prior to the wedding, if desired by the parties involved.    

Other Events
                                               https://youtu.be/Owe_oH_nAWg   (Auld Lang Syne)

          In addition to weddings and funerals, I am available for the following special occasions: birthdays, retirement and anniversary celebrations, community festivals and fairs, grand openings and other corporate events, sporting events such as golf tournaments and half-time entertainment, historical commemorations, Celtic celebrations, civic events, such as Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, 9/11, Fallen Firefighters and Police Memorials, and of course parades, including Christmas, Military and St. Patrick’s Day. Please contact me for ideas on how the bagpipe can best fit into the flow and timing of your event. Scottish attire will be worn and as in Scotland, these events will be played in rain or in nice weather conditions. Below is a Fallen Firefighter Memorial service I was honored to play.

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